Helping You Navigate Through Life

September 1, 2011 No Comments

Therapy has helped people navigate through life for centuries.  Therapy at one time was often looked at as taboo, only the wealthy attended in secrecy.  Through the years both medical and many insurance companies are seeing the benefits of therapy.  With life comes issues. Life’s’ issues have no regard for color, age, gender, or economic status.  Everyone has issues. Let me help you identify them and work on the challenge to overcome these issues.  There are many therapeutic modalities in therapy such as cognitive behavior therapy, behavior therapy, and psychodynamic therapy.  However, just like in medicine, I do not believe there is a one fix fits all.  Each client’s sessions and goals will be customized and may use a combination of modalities.  I work with pre-teens, adolescents, couples, families, individuals, and groups. Throughout the session you will play an integral part in forming a treatment plan for you.  Please see my invitation to you.

Our Philosophy