Why Children Need Therapy?

children therapyDo you know 70% of all children in the United States are on some type of psychotropic medication?

A. My personal belief: I’m not saying there is anything wrong with medication, but I believe therapy and medication should work together.
Most Psychiatrists I know would agree with that statement.

B. Do you know your children feel that same stress you do? Do you know when you try to keep something from your child they feel it? They may not know what it is but they know something is not right. This could be depression, anxiety, it could be financial. Everyone has felt the changes in our economy, even your children.

C. Lets talk about some of the ways children may show it:

          1. Grades start to decline.

          2. Acting out in school.

          3. Being alone, not having any friends.

          4. Talking back: this is one we all make excuses for, that this is normal teenager


          5. Drug use.

I can go on and on. Ladies and gentlemen, there is no wonder drug. Therapy should be an option that is given serious consideration.

Here are some options:
A. Family Therapy
C. Couples Therapy
D. Individual Therapy

Therapy is no longer looked at as a taboo. Insurance companies have started to realize the value of psychotherapy. I understand that it may cause a financial burden for some, but this is one investment or gamble that I’m willing to make, are you?